Need a Wardrobe Cleanse?

“Minimise your wardrobe, maximise your style”

The law of style to me, is not needing an abundance of clothes to be stylish.

I’m now offering my services to help you filter out your unwanted items leaving you with a wearable, stylish and cohesive array of clothing so you’ll never be in that awful “I have nothing to wear!” situation ever again!

Services are as follows:

The Detox

A full closet clear out from top to bottom.

Get rid of unwanted, unworn items and make way for your new, wearable wardrobe! Removal of the unwanted items is included, leaving you with a tidy collection of clothing that feels as good as new! Also give advice, tips and literature on how to keep on top of your belongings! Can supply a set of uniformed hangers upon request.

Duration: 1 day

Price: from £100 /day + travel if outside of Cardiff*

Please note – clients must be present for the duration of the cleanse in order for us to agree on what should stay and would should go.

The Spring Clean

A wardrobe reorganisation session where no disposal is necessary. Ideal for a client who has had The Detox and just needs some help reorganising it back to it’s optimum level of tidiness.

Price: from £60 /session*

The Full Shebang

The Detox plus a day’s personal shopping session to renovate, rejuvenate and replenish your wardrobe’s essentials leaving you with an array of items that can be interchanged to create new outfits you hadn’t even thought of.

Duration: 2 days (1 for The Detox 1 for the Personal Shopper sesh)

Price: from £160*

The Personal Shopper

A one day personal shopping experience; whether it’s to replenish your basics, to find an outfit for a specific occasion or anything in between! We’ll work together to find items that are right for your body and style making you feel as confident and as fierce as ever!

Prices: From £80 /day (5 or more hours) £50 for half a day (less than 5 hours)*

The Cyber Shopper

You tell me what you’re looking for and after some discussion and a mood board or two, I’ll email you my internet findings! Ideal for an upcoming event where you want to look your best!

Price: £30 /session (includes 3 options)

The Personal Style Finder

A Skype session where you tell me a bit about yourself, what you want to achieve, your style goals etc. and I can point you in the right direction of what you should be looking for. Perfect for someone who may have lost their personal style and needs some help getting back on track.

Price: £20 /hour

*Prices are subject to the size of the job. Photos will be required prior to the booking for a quote.

For enquiries, please email me on: or alternatively get me through my social media platforms.

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Here’s to wonderful, wearable wardrobes!





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