Easily Accessible

I don’t have wardrobes. I actually have 2 clothing racks, 2 sets of drawers (which hold some clothes but mostly cosmetic products and underwear) and a wall full of shoes. This way I can see exactly what I have and it makes putting outfits together so much easier as it’s all there right in front of me. It also benefits me  (being the laziest person you will ever meet) as I’m able to decide what to wear without even getting out of bed! #winning

Basic Colour Palette

So if you’ve been reading my blog you will know that I’m one of those boring people who keeps to a very minimal colour palette – blacks, greys, whites, nudes, camel, khaki etc. The main reason for this is I used to have a very eclectic wardrobe of colours and patterns but I could never piece together outfits that looked like I’d actually made an effort. I decided to strip back to the basics and de-clutter in every sense of the word. Since stripping back, my outfits look more put together even though I’ve just chucked it on in a rush that morning.

Interchangeable Pieces

In accordance with the above point, as well as making sure the colours of my items work well together the items themselves have to work well together too (obvious, right?). I used to buy things thinking they’d work well with pieces I didn’t even have and tell myself that I’d buy the coordinating piece another time. This is such an uneconomical way of shopping – buying clothes to go with clothes you don’t have yet. The sooner I ditched this method of shopping the better things were for both my wardrobe and my pocket. As well as making sure the items co-ordinate, I also want to make sure that they can be easily interchanged between work; casual; nights out etc. I hate the idea of having something in my wardrobe that I can only wear for a specific occasions (with the exception of something like a ball gown, obviously).

‘Investment’ Pieces

I’m nowhere near financially stable enough to be investing in actual expensive pieces but luckily  I do have the eye for a bargain. In my GREY post you can see that it’s actually possible to find good quality pieces at ridiculously low prices. The long grey coat was an absolute bargain find from a local charity shop and most of my expensive looking, good quality overcoats have been purchased in the same way. Investment pieces are good quality pieces – not ones that you’ve forked out 3 months wages on.

Old pieces – The Year Rule

If I haven’t worn something in the past year – bye bye! I hate cluttering up my wardrobe with ‘maybe’ items. Those ones where you’re like “Maybe I’ll wear it in the summer”, ” Maybe I’ll wear it next year”, “Maybe there’ll be a fancy dress theme that this will come in handy for”. No. If you haven’t worn it in the past year you are certainly not gonna wear it in the next one, don’t kid yourself. NEXT!!

New pieces – The Week Rule

If I buy something new and don’t want to wear it within the first week, it’s got to go back. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of something when you’re at the shop but if you get home and have no immediate urge to wear it, it’s gonna stay at the back of your wardrobe with the label on – trust me! Take it back before it’s too late.

Regular clear-outs

Every couple of months or so I refresh the items on my rack asking myself if I genuinely like this item and can see it paired with other items currently in my wardrobe. It’s sort of like Marie Kondo’s “Does this item bring me joy?” theory but not as deep.


If I’m flitting about Topshop and a new pair of Joni’s catch my eye, then I HAVE to get rid of an old pair of jeans. This means that if I can warrant getting rid of another pair to buy these new ones then fine but if I can’t then I know I don’t need them and my wardrobe stays at it’s manageable level. When I say ‘get rid’ I mean, give away to my cousins/friends/mum, sell on Depop or give to charity.


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