So I started writing this post 6 days ago -that’s how long it’s taken me to comprehend Lemonade.

As far as I was aware Lemonade was supposed to be a documentary produced by Beyoncé about police brutality, black power, celebrating being a strong, independent and unapologetically black woman. And it was all of this and then some. As well as being a narrative documentary about the current racial climate in America and the struggle of being a black woman in America today, it was also the ‘surprise’ release of her 6th studio album. I say ‘surprise’ because by now we should’ve known it was going to be an album, especially after her self named album and her upcoming Formation World Tour. As a long standing Beyhive member, I should really have guessed tbh but once again The Queen comes in and shocks the world with another secret release.

So, I woke up on Sunday morning to a text from one of my best friends and fellow Stan asking whether or not I’d seen It yet. I downloaded Tidal and for the next hour I was completely mesmerised with the new music, thought provoking imagery and strong messages conveyed in every scene.

As soon as it started I knew I could write forever about each tiny detail so I decided to jot some notes down in my phone as I was watching it to show my absolute initial thoughts.

The walking down the street smashing up car windows in “Hold Up” seemed to me like Beyoncé smashing out of conformity. Saying goodbye to the sweet, holy, humble Southern Belle that we all know and love and hello to a strong-minded woman who will stand up and fight for what she believes in no matter who it pisses off.  Even the sheer look of happiness on her face whilst she’s doing it contradicts her actions in a way that can be translated to mirror her juxtaposing character trying to juggle the two sides of her personality – is this the return of Sasha?! or did she never leave??

Is the use of the line ‘hop up out of bed, turn my swag on, I look in the mirror say what’s up?’ a nod to the rumoured beef between The Queen and Keri Hilson?

Hearing Beyoncé curse is like seeing your teacher outside of school. It’s weird at first but you get used to it after a while and feel like you’ve been privileged to see something so out of the ordinary. You also appreciate them for being a real-life human being.

The spoken word intervals reminded me so much of being at a Beyonce concert. I now know that they were written by Somali-British poet Warsan Shire – gwan girl!

The horns! The horns again!! From Outkast’s “SpottieOttieDopaliscious”. When I heard them I was like “yaaasss B!” They actually got me so excited for her Tour (which I will be attending on June 30th) as the first time she used them was in the Flawless Live performance (ugh I actually cannot wait to see Flawless live).

The smashing of car windows the middle fingers, the cursing – all signs that Bey has zero fucks to give for you or your opinion.

The appearances of the mother’s of some of  the recent police brutality victims literally made me cry real tears. Such a powerful thing to have them in her music video. Again, without saying much, Beyoncé says a lot.

And now for the elephant in the room: Did Jay Z cheat on Beyoncé?

I don’t know the fella so I can’t defend him but based off of this album and the way it was released, I do not think this is a breakup album. I do not think it is a forgiveness album and I certainly do not think it was Beyoncé’s way of telling us that her husband has committed adultery. What I do think it is, is the best marketing strategy of the century. Fans have doted on the couple’s marriage since he put a ring on it and people never want to admit that others are happily in lurrrrve so the idea that the current reigning King and Queen of the music industry are going through a bad patch is bound to make sales soar. Please remember that Beyoncé released Lemonade on TIDAL. You know, that music thing that she and Jay Z own TOEGTHER. Kudos to the both of you, you really are #couplegoals in every sense of the word.

 What do you think of the album? Do you think he cheated? Let me know in the comments below!


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